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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gambino crime family called off Sicilian mafia request to murder former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani

 Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says the mob put out a hit on him his first year as mayor — for $80,000. 
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says the mob put out a hit on him his first year as mayor — for $800,000.

The Sicilian mafia wanted Rudy Giuliani to sleep with the fishes.
Crime boss Salvatore “Toto” Riina ordered the hit on Giuliani back in the 1980s when the future New York City mayor was a mob-busting federal prosecutor, Italian newspapers are reporting.
The source of that story is mafia turncoat Rosario Naimo, who spilled his secrets this week to Palermo-based prosecutors.
Naimo said Riina was alarmed that Giuliani was joining forces with Sicily-based prosecutors like the legendary Giovanni Falcone, the papers reported.
So Riina dispatched Naimo to New York City and told him to get the okay from the Gambino crime family to rub out Giuliani.
No way, said the alarmed Gambinos, who warned Naimo that if Giuliani was murdered the U.S. government would “annihilate the mafia,” the papers reported.
Giuliani was out of the country Friday and not immediately reachable for comment about the reports, a spokesman said.
But back in November, the failed Republican presidential candidate told Oprah Winfrey the mafia took out a contract on him during his first year as mayor.
“They offered $800,000 to kill me,” he said. “Then, toward the end of the time I was the mayor, a particular mafia guy who we convicted and put in jail for 100 years put out a contract to kill me for $400,000.”
Then Giuliani joked, “I kind of felt bad that I went down in value.”
Giuliani might want to count his blessings. Falcone, his wife and three cops was killed in 1992 by a massive roadside bomb outside Palermo.
Riina, who was the “boss of bosses” of Cosa Nostra, was imprisoned for multiple murders and other crimes a year later.
Short of stature and temper, Riina was born and raised in Corleone — a town made famous by the Godfather movies — and nicknamed “The Beast” by fellow mobsters.



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