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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lucchese gangster asks to be released on bail in civil lawsuit

A reputed mobster wants ​a get-out-of-jail-free card, whining in a new civil lawsuit that a Manhattan criminal judge is unfairly keeping him in the clink as he awaits trial for assaulting his porn star ex-girlfriend.

​Attorney Bruno Gioffre Jr. says he argued to Justice Charles H. Solomon that “despite having a prior criminal record” his client Thomas Gelardo was basically a model citizen who has “lifelong ties to the community” and “always returned to court” for past offenses.

Gioffre suggested a $250,000 bail supported by a condo Gelardo, 31, owns with his sister, according to court papers.

But Solomon denied bail, ordering Gelardo to stay in jail because he repeatedly violated a restraining order by obsessively contacting his former gal pal.

Gelardo called his curvaceous actress ex​,​ Trista Geyer​,​ 60 times in one day despite restraining orders, prosecutors said.

He was arrested for roughing up Geyer in November 2013 and later charged with burglary, assault, strangulation, aggravated criminal contempt and tampering with a witness.

Gelardo, who is reportedly connected to the Lucchese crime family, filed a civil suit against the Department of Correction on Wednesday claiming Solomon’s decision to keep him in the clink instead of setting bail is “arbitrary and capricious.”

The buxom bottle blonde has graced the pages of Hustler and Playboy magazines.

But Gioffre says he handed the court a tape of Geyer giving “conflicting statements as to how she was injured.”

He also told Solomon that Geyer “was uncooperative, living in Florida” and “had sent a letter to the court indicating that she did not want to pursue this matter.”

Still Solomon did not budge.

A spokeswoman from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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