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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Man turns self in after deadly fight at the Drunken Monkey in Staten Island

Man turns self in after deadly fight at bar of ‘Mob Wife’
A Staten Island man surrendered to cops on Tuesday for allegedly killing a man outside the bar run by “Mob Wives” star “Big Ang” Raiola.

Stephen Fasano, 23, of Midland Beach, was charged with manslaughter for fatally punching Abdou Cisse, 46, in the Sunday brawl outside the Drunken Monkey, cops said.

Police are still seeking Fasano’s pal for an earlier assault that night on another man inside the bar.

Fasano and his pals had been arguing with another group over a woman, and punches began to fly, police sources said. Fasano and one other man attacked one of the patrons before they were thrown outside, sources added.

That’s when Cisse, who had nothing to do with the dispute, stepped in and tried to put a stop to the two-against-one brawl, the sources explained.

Cisse, a Senegalese immigrant who worked as a machinist and frequented the Drunken Monkey, cracked his skull on the pavement and died at the scene, authorities said.

“We think he tried to calm Fasano down and that’s when he got hit,” a police source added.

Fasano was charged with one count of assault for the alleged attack on the unnamed victim inside the bar. Police have not released the name of his friend whom they’re seeking for that same assault.

Cops do not believe Fasano’s pal played any role in Cisse’s death.

Big Ang, from the reality hit series, lends her name to the Staten Island establishment and said she was heartbroken over the tragic loss of the beloved regular.



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