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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Family urges judge to throw the book at Mob Wives star turned informant Hector Pagan

Family members of a Brooklyn man slain during a $200,000 stickup are urging a judge to show no mercy for the “Mob Wives” ex-husband who fired the fatal bullet — even though he helped convict two accomplices in the murder.

The wife, mother and daughter of victim James Donovan have written letters to the judge that understandably contain no gratitude for Hector Pagan’s cooperation.

“Hector Pagan murdered Jamie,” widow Linda Donovan wrote. “He shot him as he was running away and left him on the street to bleed to death. Please draw the line in the sand that says no more second chances.

Pagan’s testimony helped convict mob associates Richard Riccardi and Luigi Grasso for the July 2010 murder during a ripoff of Donovan’s check-cashing business in Gravesend. They were sentenced to over 30 years in prison.

Pagan, the former spouse of “Mob Wives” star Renee Graziano, also secretly recorded tapes against his gangster father-in-law and a gaggle of other Bonannos in a desperate bid to win favor with the feds.

Prosecutors acknowledged that Pagan initially denied participating in Donovan’s murder, and while wearing a hidden wire, he secretly tried to shush anyone who raised the subject. Still, prosecutors say he should get less than life in prison as a reward for his undercover work.

“Please show no mercy for this cold-hearted man that has no regard for human life,” Patricia Donovan, the dead man’s mother, wrote Brooklyn Federal Judge John Gleeson.



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