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Friday, December 12, 2014

Tommy Shots suing the government for $10 million dollars after slipping and falling in prison shower

Mafia hoodlum takes the fall, files $10M suit over jailhouse slip
Former Colombo crime family capo Tommy “Tommy Shots” Gioeli might be off the streets – but that doesn’t mean he still can’t be an earner.
The fat mafia veteran is suing the feds for $10 million after he slipped and fell in a shower area at a North Carolina federal penitentiary in August, according to a Brooklyn federal court suit.
The ever-whiny hoodlum, who frequently grouses about conditions at the Butner Low Correctional Facility, claims that he toppled over because of leaky piping, according to the suit.
Currently serving a 18-year sentence, the bloated mob menace claims he was “caused to slip and fall on a wet floor due to a leaking slop sink pipe and shower located near the stairs going to the second level,” papers state.
The suit claims that the prison pratfall injured Gioeli but doesn’t provide any specifics.
“Plaintiff Thomas Gioeli has been rendered sick, sore, lame, maimed and disabled and so remains due to the negligence of defendant,” according to the suit.
A woman who answered the phone at the office of his lawyer, Martin Schiowitz, said he wouldn’t be commenting on the case.
“He’s not interested,” she huffed.
Despite braying about everything from shoddy snow removal by the De Blasio administration to Ukrainian politics, Gioeli made no mention of the jailhouse mishap on his blog or Twitter pages.
Gioeli, who suffers from heart problems and diabetes, was sentenced in March for a range of mob mayhem including racketeering and murder raps.
He was convicted in 2012 of plotting the murders of several gangland rivals including Frank Marasa and orchestrating violence against rivals to gain power.



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