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Sunday, January 11, 2015

John Gotti Jr releases book about his life called Shadow of My Father

John Gotti Jr.'s new book 'Shadow of My Father' will be released this week.
John A. "Junior" Gotti will add "author" to his resume this week with the release of a self-published e-book entitled "Shadow of My Father."

The 50-year-old mob scion rushed his memoir into print to beat the publication of a book by nemesis, former Gambino associate John Alite, who scorches Junior in his soon-to-be released tome "Gotti's Rules."

Junior's book covers his relationship with his father, the late Gambino boss John Gotti, who engineered the unpopular succession of his son to run the crime family when the Dapper Don was sentenced to life in prison; Junior's withdrawal from the mob after he went to jail himself and the death of his father; and four subsequent racketeering trials and four hung juries due to the obsession by the government and FBI special agent Ted Otto to nail him.

Junior also blasts Alite, but the book's biggest bombshell may be the never-before-told tale of a murder committed in the mid-1970s by Gotti Sr. while he was serving time in Green Haven prison upstate for whacking his first mob victim James McBratney in a Staten Island bar.

The elder Gotti apparently had a deal with corrupt jail guards to let him go home for unauthorized furloughs, and while he was out Gotti allegedly killed someone, or so Junior was told, according to his lawyer Charles Carnesi.

"I read the book and it's terrific," Carnesi told the Daily News.

A knowledgeable gangland source, Junior was desperate to get his story out to detract attention from Alite's book, which ridicules Gotti's mob prowess and also repeats the claim that Alite had a fling with Gotti's sister Victoria while she was married.

John Gotti Jr. (T) writes in his book that Gotti Sr. (B) was serving time in Green Haven prison in upstate New York in the 1970s when he murdered a man in a Staten Island bar.

"(Junior) may end up giving Alite's book more publicity which was the opposite of what he intended," the source said.

Carnesi dismissed the theory that Gotti Jr. gives a whit about Alite.

"He wanted to tell his story without it being edited by someone else," Carnesi said. "Alite testified in trials and the juries didn't believe him so I can't see why there will be a market for his book."

The cover of Gotti's book depicts him and his father as colossuses of Manhattan with the Empire State Building and World Trade Center behind them.

A film project for a film called "Gotti: in the Shadow of My Father," which was supposed to star John Travolta as Gotti Sr. and had Junior's cooperation, appears to be moribund.

Junior recently visited Brooklyn Federal Court to order court papers from the government's archives as part of the research for his book.



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