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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Parents of murder victim sue two turncoat Colombo family mobsters

Wedding photo of left to right, Dino Calabro, Joseph Competiello, Dino Saracino and Thomas Gioeli at the wedding of Competiello's sister.
The parents of an apparent mob murder victim have filed a $10 million wrongful-death claim against two crime-family turncoats.
Carmine and Rosa Gargano say wiseguys Dino Calabro and Joseph Competiello should pay up for the death of their son, Carmine Jr., who disappeared in 1994, according to papers they filed last month in Brooklyn Supreme Court.
The younger Gargano’s body has never been found.
In 2012, Calabro testified that Competiello confessed to murdering Gargano Jr. because he “felt like it,” according to court records.
Competiello, who was sentenced in December to 12 years on racketeering and murder charges, was not charged in Gargano’s death.
The two snitches were part of a sprawling federal case against Colombo crime boss Thomas Gioeli, during which Calabro testified in Brooklyn federal court.
Competiello allegedly admitted to shooting Gargano Jr. twice, including once in the eye, and then crushing his head with a sledgehammer for good measure, ­Calabro said on the stand.



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