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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Former Gambino family enforcer's brother sues him in court

John Edward Alite, a mob enforcer who spent nearly a decade in prison, is being sued by his brother.
This mob tale gives family style a bad name.

John Alite, a Gotti mob enforcer-turned rat who spent nearly a decade in prison for his involvement in six murders, is being sued by his brother James. The plaintiff says he’s battling cancer and needs the money he’s allegedly owed from business deals the pair made after John was sprung from the Big House in 2011.

According to James, his little brother won’t even return his calls.

“To this day I’d do anything I can for him,” James tells Confidenti@l. “For five years I’ve given him the opportunity to do the right thing.”

The lawsuit, filed in both New York and New Jersey, alleges that John, 53, cut James, 54, out of “lucrative book deal, reality television show, speaking engagements and various other media deals.” James also alleges the pair had a deal to refurbish office spaces in New Jersey that netted $240,000, which went straight to John’s account. He’s asking for $2 million total.

James’ attorney, Elio Forcina, says he filed in Queens and New Jersey because John has homes in both places, but attempts to serve him papers in person have been unsuccessful. He says he also made an attempt to serve John at an anti-bullying campaign on Long Island where the former button man was expected to speak, but the defendant-to-be never arrived.

James is also suing his gangster brother for defamation, claiming that John began a “whispering campaign” encouraging business associates to cut his big brother out of the deals they set up together and telling people that James was “insane, was faking cancer, was a liar, and was a sexual deviant.”

James’ lawyer can’t understand why John is refusing his brother’s offer.

“He’s admitted to murder and he goes on TV and brags about how tough he is, but he’s afraid to face his brother in court because he knows what he did was wrong,” says Forcina.

Lawyers representing John Alite did not respond to requests for comment.



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