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Saturday, August 6, 2016

John Gotti's grandson is getting help with drug addiction at Rikers Island

“A Gotti has never run. A Gotti has never skipped bail,” John Gotti said about cops barging into his grandfather’s Howard Beach home to arrest him.
The troubled grandson of late mobster John Gotti is getting help behind bars at Rikers Island for an addiction to prescription painkillers, his lawyer said Friday.
John Gotti, 23, is in a drug-treatment program at the the lockup following his arrest Thursday on charges he was peddling Oxycodone with girlfriend Eleanor Gabrielli.
“He’s had a problem for quite a while, which probably precipitated the actual alleged criminal activity in this case,” said his lawyer Gerard Marrone.
Marrone said he didn’t request protective custody for Gotti at his arraignment Thursday night after he was held without bail because of the Mafioso clan’s tough-as-nails reputation.
“Gottis are tough guys. They don’t have any trouble in jail,” the lawyer said. “Gottis are definitely stand-up guys. That goes without saying.”
The beefy, mobbed-up punk and Gabrielli, 27, were collared in Howard Beach, Queens following a year-long police investigation.
Gotti is facing anywhere between 15 to 25 years-to-life in prison, if convicted of the felony charges.
He also faces charges from a June collar, when he was pulled over in Queens. Cops found a Gucci bag with more than 200 Oxycodone pills and other drugs, authorities said.
Marrone called Gotti’s latest arrest a wake-up call – and hopes to work out a fair disposition with prosecutors.
“On one hand, it’s probably a blessing in disguise, a tremendous wake-up call. He can finally get the help he needs,” he said.
“I hope they [prosecutors] don’t go above and beyond because of his last name. I want them to treat him like a regular defendant. I don’t want him to get any special treatment that will give him any more time [in jail].”



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