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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Feds seek to foreclose Bonanno soldier's mansion

Just when Ronald Giallanzo thought he was out, they pulled him back in.
He lost his freedom, and now a convicted mobster might lose his Queens house.
The US Attorney’s office wants to seize the Howard Beach home of Bonanno soldier Ronald Giallanzo, fresh out of the clink after a year behind bars, according to court papers.
Giallanzo, who has 17 years in the crime family, made millions managing illegal online sports betting rings, the US Attorney’s Office said in the Brooklyn Federal Court legal filing.
The 3,500-square-foot house is “nominally” owned by Giallanzo’s wife, Elizabeth, but because Giallanzo used dirty money to “purchase, construct and renovate” the 86th Street property, the government is entitled to take it under criminal forfeiture laws, according to court documents.
In 2015 Ronald Giallanzo landed in legal hot water after violating the terms of his supervised release by repeatedly meeting with mobsters, including at a Staten Island Christmas party.
A lawyer for Giallanzo declined comment.



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