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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bumbling bank robber is outed as witness against Gambino captain

Michael Ciaccio is taken into custody in Howard Beach, Queens, on Tuesday.
Years before Michael Ciaccio allegedly bungled a Queens bank robbery Tuesday — ending up with red dye all over his hands — he was a government witness in a federal case against a Gambino crime family captain.

The Daily News learned Ciaccio took the stand in a 2005 Miami federal court cast against Ronald "Ronnie One Arm" Trucchio, who’s serving a life sentence. Ciaccio said he was once a member of the crew in New York linked to Trucchio, according to court papers.

He looked like an amateur this week.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors accuse Ciaccio of stealing more than $1,300 from a Queens bank.

He was caught when authorities saw red ink from an exploded dye pack all over his hands while he allegedly tried to hide at a Queens nursing home.

The stains were still visible on his hands as he stumbled into court on Wednesday.

Ciaccio needed to take a seat, then doubled over. He mumbled to the judge that he understood what was happening.

The defendant closed his eyes and rubbed his head as his court-appointed lawyer, Samuel Jacobson, tried to figure out whether to go ahead with the arraignment.

Jacobson said he wasn’t sure what medications Ciaccio was taking. He asked for proceedings to be postponed until Friday, after doctors at Metropolitan Detention Center could take a look at Ciaccio.

“Feel better. Make sure you tell the doctor what’s going on,” Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak told Ciaccio.



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