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Friday, April 14, 2017

Queens bank robber has second court arraignment

A second arraignment for an alleged bank bandit went much better than the first attempt.
On Wednesday, Michael Ciaccio couldn't make it through proceedings on his arrest for a Queens bank heist that ended when a dye pack exploded and left Ciaccio literally red-handed.
During the first Brooklyn federal court arraignment, Ciaccio, 52, sat doubled over and mumbled he understood what was going on.
Ink stains still showed on his hands.
But Ciaccio's lawyer said it'd be better to adjourn the arraignment.
On Friday, Judge Cheryl Pollak asked Ciaccio how he was feeling. Ciaccio apologized and said "that's what happens when you're not on medication."
Pollak remanded Ciaccio after the prosecution pushed for detention based on his criminal history and the lack of any bail package.
Though the prosecution didn't get into specifics about Ciaccio's past, the Daily News has previously reported about his mob past.
Ciaccio was a government witness in the 2005 Miami federal court case against Gambino crime family captain Ronald "Ronnie One Arm" Trucchio.



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