Updated news on the Gambino, Genovese, Bonanno, Lucchese and Colombo Organized Crime Families of New York City.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Three made members of the Colombo and Gambino families busted for threatening debtors

The mob is still alive and well, prosecutors said Wednesday as six reputed members and associates of the Colombo and Gambino crime families — three of them “made men” — were arraigned for loansharking and other crimes in Brooklyn federal court Wednesday.
Assistant US Attorney Matthew Miller described how allegedly inducted Colombo soldier Vito “The Mask” DiFalco terrorized his debtors, who Miller said “keep paying because they would be terrified of what would happen to them if they don’t pay.”
Prosecutor Elizabeth Geddes told the court that telephone wiretaps had caught the skeletal 63-year-old threatening to flood victims’ homes and even telling someone they were lucky he hadn’t torched their car like he used to as a younger man.
“Good things happen to me when I stay calm,” Difalco was recorded saying, according to court papers. “See, like, I was by your house the other day. Four years ago I would have put the Benz on fire.”
“They put people in fear,” Geddes said of the wiseguys, which prompted a snicker from Difalco’s daughter in the gallery.
Fellow Colombo soldier Jerry “Fat Jerry” Ciauri even threatened to shoot one man and his wife if he didn’t cough up the money he owed, according to court papers.
“You can run upstate all you want, I’ll go up there and shoot you and your wife in the head,” Ciauri, 59, is accused of saying.
Both Difalco and Ciauri were held without bail Wednesday, as was allegedly “made” Gambino member Anthony “Anthony Suits” Licata on extortion charges.
Joseph Maratea, Salvatore Disano and Joseph Rizzo were also arraigned for their role in the well-established racket.
Maratea worked closely with Difalco, Geddes said, running a pawn shop out of the same Dyker Heights building where Difalco ran his bar: the Tryst Lounge. It was at the Tryst they engaged in illegal gambling, court papers say, running Monday night football pool schemes.
Prosecutors said the pawnshop was actually a front for their loansharking business, with Maratea, 42, and Difalco making copies of people’s driver’s licenses — which they kept in personalized files — so they could find them at home when they didn’t pay.
The accused mafiosi all pleaded “not guilty” Wednesday to various charges, including racketeering, money laundering, illegal gambling, making extortion and extortionate collection.
They’re due back in court Aug. 7.



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