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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bonanno soldier Frankie Boy sentenced to five years in prison

Boy, oh boy.
Bonanno family soldier Frank "Frankie Boy" Salerno was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for collecting mob loansharking and gambling debts.
U.S. District Court Judge Sandra J. Feuerstein imposed the federal jail term on Salerno, who collected the cash on behalf of his co-defendant John "Johnny Boy" Ambrosio — an acting captain in the Gambino family, prosecutors said.
Salerno, 43, of Queens, and Ambrosio were two of seven local Mafiosi busted in a federal sweep that ended with convictions for each and every one.
Ambrosio, 74, of Huntington, L.I., was sentenced last week to 51 months in prison on the same racketeering conspiracy charge as Salerno.
According to prosecutors, Salerno made his collections between 2014-17. A third conspirator, in an conversation with an undercover agent, outed himself and Salerno as organized crime figures.
Salerno “has got that thing,” said Gambino associate Anthony Saladino — pointing to a button on his shirt, indicating Frankie Boy’s Mafia legitimacy.
Saladino, 67, of Glen Cove, L.I., was sentenced to 63 months on the same day as Ambrosio.
The sentences “demonstrate that the shirt button of a ‘made man’ is no match for a badge,” said William Sweeney, FBI assistant director-in-charge of the New York office.



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