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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Former Mob Wives star and husband arrested for drug and weapons charges


A former member “Mob Wives” star is now ironically in trouble with the law.
Police searched Drita D’Avanzo’s Staten Island home and now she and her husband are facing a slew of charges.
The explosive reality star of VH1’s “Mob Wives” ran out of a Staten Island courthouse Friday afternoon after she was arraigned on drug and weapons charges, along with her husband Lee.
The couple was arrested at their Pleasant Plains home on Staten Island Thursday night after the NYPD conducted a search and found two loaded guns, a large quantity of marijuana and assorted pills – including painkillers, anxiety meds, and a scale to weigh the drugs.
Investigators say the bust took place after community members called the police with concerns about activity at the home.
Most neighbors did not want to comment Friday, but one father says he’s seen the show with his wife and daughter.
“Run into them in the stores here… nothing real special.” Alan Fried said.
D’Avanzo works as a makeup artist, but her husband Lee has never been featured on the show. He’s mostly been locked up for robberies.
The 43-year-old’s show bio describes her husband as “the leader of a Bonanno and Colombo crime farm team.”
The couple has two young daughters.
The reality star-turned-suspect was granted a $15,000 bail. Her husband will remain in custody. None of the other “Mob Wives” from the show were in court to support her.
An unnamed person also has an order of protection against the couple.



  1. The un named person was their 12 yr old daughter. Rumor around SI is someone affiliated with Karen and renee gave the cops tips on his activities at his home. Which would make sense that theyre the ones giving tips because if he had a warrant in NJ both Karen and renee do business in NJ. Karen runs a pizza shop in NJ and Renee lives in NJ. Her sister Lana has a resturaunt in NJ too.

  2. I know lee real well he just doesn't learn.. I grew up around most if not all of the Springville boys a bunch of wannabes!!-

    1. Everyones saying now that Karen turned them in out of revenge for her getting beat up at a club about two weeks ago. I dont know what happened but I think she thinks Lee or Drita have something to do with her getting beat up so thats why she turned them in. She also knew he had the warrant in NJ