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Saturday, July 18, 2009

DNA a pain in ash for "Cigars"

It's never a good day when someone wants your DNA.

Reputed Genovese capo Michael "Mikey Cigars" Coppola wrote in his date book that Aug. 8, 1996 -- the day the feds subpoenaed his DNA -- was a

"sh- - day," a Brooklyn federal prosecutor said yesterday at the wiseguy's racketeering trial.

Investigators needed the sample to compare with evidence from the 1977 murder of Johnny "Coca Cola" Lardiere.

Six days later, entries in the book stopped, and it was nearly 11 years before the feds caught him hiding out on the Upper West Side.

Defense lawyer Henry Mazurek told jurors that Coppola has admitted to making a "rash" decision to flee, but it doesn't prove he's a killer.

"He didn't want to stand trial for a murder he didn't commit," Mazurek said.



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