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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Witness To Mob Murder Testifies He Was Having Sex During Slay

A witness to decades-old mob murder testified that he got more action than he'd planned for when he hit the sheets with his first love at a New Jersey motel in 1977.

Raymond Zychlinski, 53, said he and his old flame had tuckered themselves out in a room at Red Bull Inn in Somerset when Johnny "Coca Cola" Lardiere was killed in front of their door on April 10, 1977.

"We were young. She was my first girlfriend. We had a room and we were making use of it," Zychlinski said, sending jurors in Brooklyn federal court into fits of laughter. "By that time we were pretty much complete."

As the girlfriend dozed, Zychlinski heard a car pull up outside, followed by a "horrifying scream."

"It was a scream like I'd never heard in my life. He knew he was going to die," said Zychlinski, who testified as a defense witness at the trial of Michael Coppola, 63, a reputed Genovese capo accused of carrying out the hit.

A series of gunshots boomed right outside the window.

"I grabbed my girlfriend and pulled her off the bed," the witness said, adding that he went outside after the car pulled off and saw Lardiere's body lying in front of the door.

Coppola's lawyers called Zychlinski to the witness stand to refute earlier testimony that Lardiere taunted the gunman during the hit, telling him, "What are you going to do now tough guy?"

"I heard no conversation," said Zychlinski.

Prosecutors rested their case earlier in the day and Coppola's defense team is expected to rest tomorrow, which will be followed by closing arguments.



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