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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bonanno Wiretaps: Mob leaders thumbed their noses at the once-feared Massino

Joseph MassinoImage via Wikipedia

What a bunch of Bozos.

The troubled Bonanno crime family took another crippling blow from the feds yesterday as 15 reputed mobsters were hit with a sweeping racketeering indictment -- based partly on the grand-jury testimony of boss-turned-stoolie Joseph Massino.

Secretly recorded tapes show the latest crop of mob leaders thumbed their noses at the once-feared Massino, according to legal papers filed in Brooklyn federal court.

"You know they're Bonannos if they say, 'Hey, Bo, Hey, Bo,' " reputed acting capo Joseph "Joe Lefty" Loiacono, 64, allegedly joked to a fellow mobster.

"Ya know who used to do that all the time? Joey Massino," Loiacono said. "Do I want to do what he used to do? No way."

Topping the list of those arrested was another reputed capo, Joseph "Sammy" Sammartino, 55, accused of helping run the family after a series of devastating prosecutions.

"He's one of the people calling the shots," said Assistant US Attorney Nicole Argentieri as she persuaded a judge to hold him without bail.

Other key players named in the 33-count indictment are reputed capo Anthony "Scal" Sclafani, 63, and acting capo Anthony "Little Anthony" Pipitone, 37.



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