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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Junior Gotti's defense calls Gambino family turncoat Kevin McMahon to refute another mob rat's story

The defense in John A. "Junior" Gotti's racketeering trial launched its case Tuesday with a witness who quickly contradicted testimony from a key mob turncoat.
Gambino family associate Kevin McMahon testified that mob killers messed up when they left the bloody body of gangster Louie DiBono in a World Trade Center basement.
And he insisted an incident where Junior shot him was just an accident, not an angry outburst.
McMahon's version of both events different from the testimony of John Alite, a one-time best friend of Junior who spent more than a week testifying against Gotti.
McMahon provided an in-depth account of DiBono's 1990 slaying, recalling how Gambino hit man Charles Carneglia hid behind a column in the trade center basement waiting for the victim to arrive.
As DiBono exited his car, "Charles jumped on him and shot him in the head," McMahon testified. "After Charles shot Louie DiBono, I pushed his feet. I helped Charles close the door."
The killers ignored an order from Gambino associate Bartholomew "Bobby" Borriello to move the body and drove off, McMahon testified.
Alite said the plan was to leave DiBono there as a message to the rest of the Gambino family.
A federal wiretap caught John "Dapper Don" Gotti saying DiBono was whacked because "he refused to come in when I called."
McMahon also put a less menacing spin on an story about Junior Gotti shooting him in the hip. Alite claimed that Gotti fired in anger after McMahon mocked the mobster's .25 caliber weapon as a "baby gun."
McMahon said Gotti had loaded his shotgun and pointed it at him, but the weapon discharged by mistake. Defense lawyer Charles Carnesi asked if it was an accident.
"That's what I believed, yeah," McMahon said.
During a break in the trial, Gotti's sister Angel reiterated McMahon's testimony for the media.
"An accident," she said. "Get that in the front page."


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