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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nightmare Gotti juror's foul disruptions

A foul-mouthed juror is sowing discord at John "Junior" Gotti’s racketeering trial with diva-like behavior and a plan to push deliberations past Christmas, a fellow panelist snitched to the judge.
Read The Letter To The Judge
Juror No. 7 — a female postal worker — announced last week that she "intends to take her time and is not going to allow any f---ing body to rush her to a decision," according to an anonymous letter received in the mail today.
"Apparently she is looking forward to being put up in a hotel. She has made numerous remarks about how much she loves being on jury duty because it keeps her away from her job," the letter says.
"She loves being escorted for her cigarette breaks, feels like a movie star and loves the attention. In my opinion, she is on jury duty for all the wrong reasons."
The young woman is also allegedly enamored of Gotti defense lawyer Charles Carnesi, calling him "her ‘Man,’" and commenting on how he "looked very handsome one particular day."
"You should see her in the jury box, how she gives her undivided attention to the defense team, as if there wasn’t anyone else in the court room," the letter says.
But if the revelations gave the mob scion a boost, the writer’s mistaken reference to Carnesi as "Charles Carneglia" — a vicious Gambino hit man who has figured prominently in trial testimony — caused equal concern.
"A juror thinks the guy representing me is a five-time murderer — what shot do I have?" Gotti remarked after reading the note in Manhattan federal court.
The type-written, two-page letter was dated Sunday and signed "A Concerned Juror," with a P.S. noting: "The reason this letter is being mailed and not hand-delivered is to avoid a worst (sic) situation then (sic) already exists."
It says the woman, who previously studied at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, "refers to us jurors as ‘these people’ and she constantly uses the ‘F’ word."
In addition, after the jury had lunch last week at a restaurant near the courthouse, "she requested an order of fried calamari (to go) on the Court’s tab."
"As she took this home this just goes to she you she got some nerve," the letter says.
The letter prompted Judge Kevin Castel to delay testimony while he individually asked each juror if they had witnessed any "misconduct" by Juror 7, with only one juror answering "maybe" and saying she might be getting information about the case from someone outside the jury.
The judge then re-assembled the panel and delivered a stern warning — punctuated by several slaps on his bench — for them "to be respectful of one another" and not discuss the case with anyone.



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