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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mobster Anthony Anastasio convicted of extortion and ordering the torching of Dunkin Donuts

An 80-year-old Gambino gangster's long crime career came to an end Tuesday with his conviction on racketeering and extortion charges in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Anthony "Todo" Anastasia was found guilty of shaking down a trucking company on the Staten Island waterfront, the owners of an Italian bakery in Brooklyn and ordering a Dunkin Donuts torched for the insurance money.
Anastasio, a longtime mob soldier, is the nephew of legendary Mafioso Albert Anastasia, who was gunned down while getting a shave in a barber shop at the Park Sheraton Hotel in 1957.
In a twist of fate for the wiseguy, the FBI secretly recorded incriminating conversations between Anastasio and the captain of his mob crew in the Guys & Dolls beauty salon - where he got his hair cut.
Anastasio faces up to 20 years in prison when he's sentenced in January.
The jury also convicted reputed mob associate David Benedict of extortion, and Benedetto DiCostanzo of loansharking.


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