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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Gotti may testify in his murder trial

John “Junior” Gotti may take the stand in his own defense in his murder and racketeering trial.
The defense has notified the judge that he may decide to testify.
Gotti is on trial for a fourth time in Manhattan federal court. The previous three cases ended in hung juries.
The feds have accused Gotti of racketeering and his involvement in three mob murders.
Meanwhile, Judge Kevin Castel tried to lighten the jury’s tense mood.
Before the first break today, he broke out a plastic jug of 105 individually wrapped Twizzlers.
The judge said the candy would help jurors refrain from discussing the case because they can’t have serious discussions while eating Twizzlers.
Or jurors could take out their frustrations by chewing on them, Castel said.
The jury has had a tough time in this trial.
Yesterday, a fight nearly erupted between two jurors when a young woman who's been accused of creating a "hostile environment" taunted a fellow panelist as a "hater."
Last week, one of the jurors involved in yesterday’s altercation was sowing discord with diva-like behavior and a plan to push deliberations past Christmas, a fellow panelist snitched to the judge.


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