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Monday, November 2, 2009

Peter stole from John Jr in Gotti case

Oh brother!
While John "Junior" Gotti was sitting in an upstate prison, his brother Peter collected on an old loan and stole $10,000 from him, according to testimony today in Manhattan federal court.
Gotti, 34, testified that he swiped the cash because he's a degenerate gambler and needed the money to help pay down his out-of-control debts.
"I learned of the two debts [in 1997] ... I was looking for money anyway I could get it," Peter Gotti said during Junior's fourth racketeering trial.
Gotti's previous three trials ended in either a hung jury or mistrial.
Peter Gotti said he has had a gambling problem since he was an 8-year-old and that he and his father, John "Dapper Don" Gotti, illegally bet on football games.
As a result of his gambling addiction, Gotti said he owes the IRS $58,000 and can't afford to pay for health insurance for his wife and four kids.
Gotti has also worked an array of odd jobs, including on his sister Victoria's reality TV show, a vending machine business and a bakery that went out of business.
While Junior was at the federal prison in upstate Ray Brook near Lake Placid, Peter said he learned that his brother had made two loans -- one in 1993 and a second in 1995 -- totaling $35,000 to a cousin.
Peter said that under the guise that he was collecting for his brother, the cousin handed him $3,000 the first time and a series of subsequebt payments that totaled another $7,000.
Peter Gotti said he took the money without notifying Junior.


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