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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Casting-call mobster wanted wrong kind of 'break'

Talk about bad actors.
An event for wannabe Mafia actors at an East Village eatery turned into a real-life shakedown when a thug allegedly threatened to break the owner's leg for not paying protection money.
The owner of Rue B, a bistro on Avenue B, yesterday told a Brooklyn federal jury hearing the extortion case against former Colombo underboss John "Sonny" Franzese that in 2007 he regularly hosted "A Night Out With Vinny" -- where actors and casting directors could meet.
One night Franzese, who is accused of shaking down two strip clubs and a pizzeria but not the bistro, told owner Peter Dupre: "If anybody has a fight with you, they have a fight with me,' " Dupre recalled.
Peter Dupre, Owner of Rue B
Peter Dupre, Owner of Rue B
Soon after, Franzese's alleged muscle, Christopher Curanovic, 28, told him he owed $1,500 a week, an amount he got down to $500 a week.
When Dupre had trouble paying, Curanovic -- who is charged with extorting the bistro -- told him "he was happy to give me a beating, break my leg."
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