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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wife Claims Sonny Franzese's Son Destroyed His Family

Denyce Franzese knew her husband was a skunk, but she was shocked to discover he's a mob rat, too.
The California woman last saw John Franzese Jr. nearly four years ago, when he vanished from their home and devastated their family.
The ruined West Coast clan is now matched by his flesh and blood in New York, torn apart by his decision to take the stand last week against his dad - reputed Colombo underboss John (Sonny) Franzese Sr.
"When I heard he was testifying against his father, it made me sick," she said. "I absolutely feel terrible for Sonny."
John Jr., 50, has offered vague explanations for his decision to become an FBI informant against his 93-year-old father - a first in the annals of organized crime.
He claimed that flipping on the Colombos was intended to keep his dad out of jail. The longtime drug addict also said he was trying "to make up for what I had done in my life."
Denyce, also 50, says he's a stone liar - and a pure loser. "John is the son who 'couldn't,'" she said. "He was born with a crown on his head, He was the favorite, but his big brother [Michael] was the popular one and the good-looking one."
She continued: "John was never a gangster, he's a wanna-be. John is lazy, he doesn't want to work."
John's adult life is a series of cut-and-runs. He was spoiled rotten as a kid in Roslyn, L.I., spending wads of money on clothes and driving a new car every year.
While Michael Franzese became a made man in the Colombo family, rising to the rank of capo before quitting the mob life, John remained his father's errand boy.
His drug use made John untrustworthy among members of the crime family.
John abandoned Long Island in 2001 to seek help for his drug habit at Odessa, a Los Angeles rehab center where Denyce served as director.
They fell in love, and were married in 2004. After he split, Denyce - who once dated Marlon Brando's troubled son Christian - said she never heard a word about John until his appearance in Brooklyn Federal Court.
"He walked out on me Sept. 17, 2006, and never came back," she recounted. "It was like the old story where the guy goes out to get cigarettes.
"He left me destitute and he broke a little boy's heart," she said, referring to her then 12-year-old son by another marriage.
John may be a mob nobody, but he's his father's son. He once showed his wife a copy of the mob tome, "Murder Machine," stuffed with newspaper clippings about his father's legendary exploits.
Sonny, while never convicted of murder, was caught on tape bragging about multiple gangland killings and opining on the art of murder and body disposal.
"I can't personally say if [Sonny's] a murderer," Denyce said. "I know my father-in-law as 'Dad.' He told my son to call him Grandpa. To me, he's a big old teddy bear."
After John bolted, Denyce said she lost her apartment. She recalls spending many nights sleeping in her car or on friend's couches while her husband pocketed $50,000 from his FBI handler.
"I was a damn good wife," she said. "I would love to show up in that courtroom and say to him, 'Remember me?'"



  1. I never heard much about John Jr. But I did meet Michael back in 1970's handsome and classy. My mom dated Joe-Joe and I will say he loved and was very loyal to Sonny. Welcome home Sonny!

  2. Congrats sonny. Now just stay the fuck out of the bullshit and apologize to your son mike for being a deadbeat. Find god before you stand in front of him to be judged or youre fucked!!!

  3. In my opinion, any man that can make it in that life style that Sonny lived without getting killed is a straight up mans man he did what he had to do to survive. I have the up most respect for Sonny and Mike but no respect for a man that claimed to be a man but had to rat on his own father to keep his own ass out of hot water. Hopefully they can reunite and forgive and forget for there own sake. God Bless to the Franzese Family

  4. He's a useless f**k.couldnt walk and chew gum at the same time..totally useless..yestify against your own flesh and blood I hope he burns in hell..like the card that burned in his hands!!

  5. Most of these ducks couldn't work for a living if they tried and belong in mental institutions. The weakest members of society join these cuck clans of losers.

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