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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gambino lawyer OK to work, as long as family isn't involved in alleged crimes

Federal Bureau of Investigation mugshot of Jos...Image via WikipediaA lawyer with blood ties to the Gambino crime family can continue working on a mob case because none of his relatives were involved in the alleged crimes, a judge has ruled.
The feds sought to disqualify Joseph Corozzo on grounds that he serves as "house counsel" to the Gambinos, where his father, Joseph, is the reputed consigliere and his uncle, Nicholas, is a reputed capo.
Prosecutors also cited previous rulings that barred Corozzo from representing other Mafia defendants, including a pending Brooklyn case where he was accused of obstructing an investigation of client Gaetano Napoli’s alleged crimes.
Nicholas "Little Nick" Corozzo is a ...Image via WikipediaManhattan federal court Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected those arguments, saying nothing was proven against Corozzo in the Napoli case.
Kaplan also said "the government has not identified any actual conflict of interest" involving current client Michael Scarpaci, a reputed mob associate who is among 14 defendants charged in the feds’ latest case against the Gambinos.
A spokeswoman for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment.
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