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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vito Rizzuto Loses Bid For Ealy Release From Jail

Vito Rizzuto, the reputed boss of the Montreal Mafia who was convicted in 2007 on a racketeering charge involving the 1981 murder of three Bonanno crime family capos in New York City, has lost a bid before a federal appeals court to get an early release from the penitentiary in Florence, CO where he is serving a ten-year term as reported by The Montreal Gazette.  The decision by the U.S. appeals court is here.
It's been a brutal year for the Rizzuto clan:  last July family leader Agostino Cuntrera and his driver and body guard Liborio Sciascia were shot to death; last June reputed consigliere Paola Renda apparently was kidnapped off the streets; last December Nick Rizzuto Jr., the son of the imprisoned reputed boss, was gunned down; and in August 2009 convicted drug trafficker Frederico Del Peschio, a close associate of the family, was murdered. 


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