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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gambino Teen Sex Case Survives Defense Challenge On Gov't Misconduct Grounds

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Last month defense lawyer Gerald J. McMahon filed a motion to dismiss an indictment which charged some suspected Gambino mobsters with prostituting out teen girls as young as fifteen on the grounds of "outrageous government misconduct" because Jude Buoneto -- allegedly the 15-year-old's pimp -- was a cooperating witness in the investigation under the control of his federal handlers.  And yesterday U.S. District Judge  Lewis A. Kaplan denied the motion as reported by Benjamin Weiser for The New York Times:  "Prosecutors have said the operation was quickly ended after the witness and the Federal Bureau of Investigation learned of the girl's age. The judge noted that even had the government allowed Mr. Buoneto to participate in the ring while 'recklessly disregarding that it involved a minor,' the decision would not have justified dismissing charges."  Earlier this month Suzanne Porcelli, the so-called "Gambino madam," pleaded guilty for her role in the alleged teen prostitution ring as reported by Scott Shifrel for the Daily News.
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