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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rising Start In Rizzuto Family Gets Out On Bail

LuparaImage via WikipediaA Montreal-area man alleged by police to be a rising star in the city's Mafia has been granted bail, along with one of his bodyguards.
Antonio (Tony) Mucci, 56, of Boucherville, who has been behind bars for almost a month on a series of weapons charges, was to be released pending his trial.
He was ordered by Quebec Court Judge Christian Tremblay to post $25,000 cash as bail, while a relative posted a bond of $15,000.
Among his conditions: he is to report to police once a week; file the names of his employers; and not contact his co-accused, or anyone with a criminal record, even if they include family members.
Carmine Serino, 41, was to be released after a relative posts a $5,000 cash bail, and other family members a total of $20,000 bond.
The unemployed man was ordered to report to police once a week, find a job, and supply a list of employers contacted.
Mucci faces 10 charges related to the seizing of a sawed-off shotgun, a Taserlike weapon shaped like a cellphone and other items at his home Aug. 26.
Serino faces seven charges related to possession of restricted weapons, including a 9-mm firearm.

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