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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Massino Tapes Part 5

The tape transcripts filed by the government in the Basciano case contain numerous morsals. In one, Massino, who is secretly leading Basciano down the garden path of betrayal, draws out the younger captain on what prosecutors said was the murder of Randy Pizzolo. It is the Pizzolo hit which involves the death penalty as spelled out in "King of The Godfathers."
  Massino: I took twenty years to put this together. It's easy to take a life. I can take a life everyday.
Basciano: i know that.
Massino: What am I going to gain taking a life everyday?
Basciano: (Inaudible)
Massino: Who?
Basciano: Randy was fuckin' jerkoff, beau.
Massino: Yea, but did it warrant--wait a minute, did it warrant the clip?
Basciano: I tell you waht, he goes into Villa Sonoma, drunk, with a fuckin' pistol.
Massino: So, why didn't you just chase him?
Basciano:...you want to know why? Because he's a fuckin' dangerous kid that don't fuckin' listen. He talks stupid, he talks that a fuckin' jerkoff. He's fuckin'--He just an annoying kid. 



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