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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alleged Mafia go-between sentenced to four years

Most of the area designated North Beach as see...Image via WikipediaA Miami Beach man with alleged Mafia ties was sentenced Wednesday morning to four years in federal prison after he got caught up in a government sting set in motion by Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein.
Wine seller Roberto Settineri's arrest in March had been hailed by U.S. and Italian authorities as a blow to a violent Sicilian mob family. Italian authorities described him as a conduit between the Santa Maria di Gesu crime family and the Gambino crime family in New York.
Settineri, 42, had been on the radar of authorities for months with the FBI getting their big break when Rothstein began cooperating in November 2009, immediately after his massive investment fraud was discovered. Rothstein had known Settineri through the restaurant at the Versace Mansion and used that connection to initiate contact with Settineri.
Rothstein covertly recorded conversations with Settineri and two other men, asking them to destroy documents and help launder money. Settineri's co-defendants--Enrique Ros and Daniel Dromerhauser--both took plea deals in the case, each getting house arrest.
While federal authorities and the Italian National Police held a press conference in March hailing Settineri's arrest as a major development, Settineri has not been charged with any other crimes. Italian authorities have not filed paperwork seeking his extradition. Settineri's attorney, Jeffrey Weiner, said he has heard no indication that his client will be charged there.
Settineri, a U.S. citizen born in Italy, did not speak during the brief sentencing hearing before U.S. District Judge James I. Cohn. Watching the proceedings were his parents, his ex-wife and his current wife.

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