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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Appeals Court: There's No Quitting The Mafia

Nicholas "Little Nick" Corozzo is a ...
A federal appeals court has affirmed the conviction of Charles Carneglia.  The Gambino hitman was convicted in March 2009 on a racketeering charge involving four murders, and sentenced in September 2009 to life in prison.  Carneglia argued that he had retired from the mob, and the five-year statute of limitations was expired by the time of the indictment.  However, the appellate court found sufficient evidence that the mob hitman in fact had continued his relationship with the Gambino crime family within the relevant period preceding the indictment, and aptly noted that there's no such thing as quitting the Mafia:  "The government . . . offered uncontroverted testimony that Carneglia was a made member of the Gambino family, and that made members are never permitted, on pain of death, to quit, retire, or withdraw."


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