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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gambino Family Boss Pleads Guilty In Nephew's 1998 Murder

This mob murder was kept all in the family.
A reputed Gambino crime-family boss pleaded guilty yesterday to authorizing a hit on his nephew for cooperating with the feds.
Daniel Marino said he was visited in prison in 1998 by unidentified "co-conspirators" seeking his "permission" to murder mob rat Frank Hydell, who was later fatally shot outside a Staten Island strip club in 2004.
"I gave them the equivalent of a green light to go forward," gravel-voiced Marino, 70, said in Manhattan federal court.
Under terms of his guilty plea, Marino will serve the five-year max for conspiracy to murder a witness.
He also agreed to forfeit $1.25 million in ill-gotten gains, $1 million of which he must fork over before his scheduled Jan. 25 sentencing.
The plea bargain almost fell apart when Marino initially said he "took no steps to stop" Hydell's murder, an inaction that Judge Lewis Kaplan noted was not a crime.
Defense lawyer Gerald Shargel quickly drafted an additional statement in which Marino implicated himself in the plot without admitting his alleged role in the Mafia.
Prosecutor Elie Honig said authorities struck the deal with Marino because of his age and history of heart trouble.



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