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Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucchese Associate convicted after robbing engagement ring from Craigslist man

A small-time Lucchese-linked thug was convicted of robbery today for macing and mugging a jilted salesman who'd posted an ad for his fiance's $30,000 engagement ring on Craigslist.
Ring worm Gerard DeGeralomo was convicted after less than a day of deliberations by a Manhattan jury. He faces up to 15 years when he's sentenced Feb. 8.
Victim David Cushman had testified last week that he'd been lured to a Christopher Street vestibule by DeGerolamo's tale of having a daughter who lived there and who would broker the sale. Instead, he wound up Maced, and had to chase and tackle DeGerolamo at the corner of Hudson St. -- unable to see, with his face burning "like it was on fire" -- to get the ring back.
DeGerolamo had hoped for a break by insisting he's just a peaceful ring thief who shouldn't be charged with violent robbery. He claimed Cushman jumped him, not the other way around, out of frustration over the deal taking too long to clinch.
DeGeralomo still faces separate charges that he tried a similar scheme on a a 33-year-old woman selling two diamond rings on Craigslist that her husband, who she was divorcing, had given her, a case to be tried later this year.


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