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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trial Update: Feds Allowed To Use Certain Evidence, Denied Other Against Basciano

Sal Vitale, Frank Santoro, Greg Andres. Those are names familiar to anyone who is a fan of "King Of The Godfathers" as they show up in the narrative of the Bonanno crime family story. Now, federal prosecutors in the case against Vincent Basciano will be allowed to use evidence which implicated him either in murders or murder plots. Judge Nicholas Garaufis is allowing the feds to bring in evidence implicating Basciano in the Santoro murder, as well as his alleged plots against Vitale and prosecutor Greg Andres as uncharged crimes in the upcoming death penalty case. Prosecutors can also use evidence of Basciano's alleged role in the San Gennaro festival shakedown and some illegal gambling. But Garaufis is preventing the government from introducing evidence of the homicide of Frank Nunez. In a victory for the defense, Garaufis is not going to prevent Basciano's attorneys from refering to prior "trials" when they cross-exam government witnesses like Dominick Cicale. The feds had wanted to require defense attorneys to simply refer to prior "proceedings" instead of trials. Basciano has also conceded in court papers that he is a member of the Bonanno crime family and doesn't contest the family exists. On that basis, Garaufis said prosecutors can't bring in evidence of the uncharged crimes to prove those two points which Basciano has conceded.



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