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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Goodfellas actor admits to role in real life mob beatdown

An actor who played mobsters in "GoodFellas" and "The Sopranos" has pleaded guilty to getting too into character.
Anthony Borgese -- a Gambino crime-family associate who goes by the stage name "Tony Darrow" -- admitted in Brooklyn federal court yesterday that he got a mob pal to send a pair of goons to work over an upstate man who owed him money.
The Hollywood wiseguy let life imitate art in 2004 when he led the crew of Gambino bone-breakers to the debtor's upstate Monticello-area home. Borgese didn't stick around, however, as the thugs broke the man's jaw, smashed some ribs and left him hospitalized.
WISEGUY: Anthony Borgese, of 'The Sopranos' and 'GoodFellas' fame, leaves court yesterday after pleading guilty to arranging a mob beating.
WISEGUY: Anthony Borgese, of "The Sopranos" and "GoodFellas" fame, leaves court yesterday after pleading guilty to arranging a mob beating.
Federal undercover recordings caught a fellow mobster talking about the Monticello beatdown a few years later in some dialogue that could have been written by Borgese's old boss, Martin Scorsese.
"Tony [Borgese] says . . . this guy [owes] him a few dollars," the gangster, Joseph "Joey Boy" Orlando, said. "He says, 'Joe, can you send somebody?' I said, 'Yeah, I'll send the two kids.' "
On the recording, Orlando explained how he sent another Gambino associate, Giovanni "John" Monteleone and an unnamed associate to collect the debt.
"This kid John . . . He's a
f--king gorilla," the mobster said. "He's so f--king strong. I says to him [John], 'Listen to me. All I want you to do is go up there, give the guy a little crack -- not hard -- in the face, and tell him, 'Have the money.' That's all I want you to do.
"So Tony meets them . . . shows them where the house is. They go to the house . . . the guy answers the door . . . they beat the living s--t out of him," he said.
"The next morning . . . the guy's in the hospital. He's in bad shape. The guy sent the money that day -- from the hospital he had the money brought!" the mobster said.
Monteleone is scheduled to plead guilty today in Brooklyn federal court to extortion charges.
Under his plea bargain, Borgese, 72, will serve 33 to 41 months in prison. He could have gotten 20 years if convicted at trial.
His attorney asked that sentencing be delayed until the end of the summer so Borgese can host his annual charity golf tournament.
After the hearing, Borgese looked mobster-slick in mirrored, wrap-around sunglasses as left he court on bail. He said nothing, but his attorney, Kevin Faga, said it was a "difficult day for him."
A native of East New York, Brooklyn, Borgese famously gets a bottle smashed over his head by Joe Pesci's character in "GoodFellas."
He appeared in the entire seven-season run of "The Sopranos," playing capo Larry Boy Barese.


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