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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Anthony Grazino cracks jokes in court as he is sentenced to 19 months in jail

This wise guy is still smarting off.
Anthony “TG” Graziano, the 71-year-old dad of "Mob Wives'' star Renee Graziano and Bonanno crime family capo, today was admonished by a Brooklyn Federal Court judge and even his own wife for snickering and cracking jokes as he was sentenced to 19 months in jail on an extortion plot.
Graziano, whose courtroom chatter was so bad that his wife Veronica mouthed "Stop it!'' from the galley, will only serve 11 months for the rap against him -- collecting an illegal debt -- because the judge gave him credit for eight months already served.
He was ratted out by former son-in-law-turned-canary Hector Pagan, an ex-Bonanno informant who is Renee’s ex-husband. She was not in court.
Judge Carol Amon called Graziano's sentence "reasonable in light of the serious conduct ... on behalf of the Bonnano crime family" and considering Graziano's criminal history. Sentencing guidelines called for anywhere from between 27 to 33 months.
Graziano's lawyer asked for leniency given his client's long history of health problems, including diabetes and bladder cancer, but the judge noted that those ailments never seemed to get in his way before.
Graziano himself asked the judge before sentencing, "Can I get outta [the Manhattan Detention Center] fast? They're killing me in there.'' It wasn't known which federal prison he may finish his sentence in.
In a written statement read by his lawyer, Patrick Parrotta, Graziano asked for leniency because of his health and apologized to his wife for "causing her such pain and grief" and to his grandchildren.
"I am sorry to leave you again. Grandpa loves you all," he wrote in his statement.
Three others who also pleaded guilty to collecting illegal loans in a mob-controlled social club were sentenced, too. A fourth man implicated in the case was contesting part of his plea deal.


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