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Friday, March 9, 2012

List of NY Mafia Rats/Snitches/Informants/Turncoats

Bonanno Crime Family - 14 Members who have Flipped

Genoroso “Jimmy the General” Barbieri - Soldier/Former Acting Capo
Joseph "Jersey Joe/Joe the Rat" Bonanno - Soldier/Acting Capo
Paul Cantarella - Soldier
Richard "Shellackhead" Cantarella - Capo/Acting Underboss
Dominick Cicale - Soldier/Acting Capo
Frank Coppa - Capo
Joseph "Joey Mook" D'Amico - Soldier
Frank "Curly" Lino - Capo
Michael “Sonny” Maggio - Soldier
Joseph "Big Joey/The Ear" Massino - Boss
Nicholas “P.J.” Pisciotti - Soldier/Acting Capo
James "Jimmy Tag/Big Lou" Tartaglione - Capo
Salvatore "The Chief/Good Looking Sal" Vitale - Underboss
Peter Rosa - Soldier

Gambino Crime Family - 12 Members who have Flipped

Alfonse “Jim Carra” Attardi- Soldier (Dead)
Dominick "Fat Dom" Borghese- Soldier
Primo Cassarino- Soldier
Joseph "Little Joe" D'Angelo- Soldier
Craig DePalma- Soldier (Dead)
Michael "Mickey Scars" DiLeonardo- Capo
Frank "Frankie Fapp" Fappiano- Soldier
Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano- Underboss
Robert Mormando- Soldier
Alfredo “Freddie The Sidge” Santantonio- Soldier (Killed)
Nicholas “Nicky Skins” Stefanelli - Soldier (Suicide)
Name Not Revealed - Soldier

Colombo Crime Family - 17 Members who have Flipped

Paul “Paulie Guns” Bevacqua- Acting Capo
Reynold "Ren" Maragni - Capo
Rocco Cagno- Soldier
Dino “Big Dino” Calabro - Capo
Joseph "Joe Camp" Campanella- Capo
Joseph “Joey Caves” Compatiello- Soldier
Salvatore "Big Sal" Miciotta- Soldier/Acting Capo
John Pate- Capo
Alan Quatrache- Soldier
Michael "Mikey/Yuppie Don" Franzese - Soldier/Acting Capo (Left the life)
Anthony "Big Anthony" Russo- Acting Capo
Sebastiano “Sebby” Saracino- Soldier
Greg “The Grim Reaper” Scarpa Sr- Capo (Dead)
Gregory Scarpa Jr.- Capo
Carmine Sessa- Consigliere
Michael “Mikey” Souza- Soldier
Frank “Frankie Blue Eyes” Sparaco- Soldier

Genovese Crime Family - 8 Members who have Flipped

Anthony “Bingy” Arilotta- Soldier
George Barone- Soldier
John “Futto” Biello- Capo (Killed)
Vincent "Fish" Cafaro- Soldier
Felix Tranghese- Capo
Joseph "Joe Cago" Valachi- Soldier (Dead)
Louis Moscatiello- Soldier/Acting Capo (Dead)
Renaldi “Ray” Ruggiero - Capo

Lucchese Crime Family - 15 Members who have Flipped

Anthony "Tumac" Accetturo- Capo
Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso- Consigliere/Underboss/Acting Boss
Peter "Fat Pete" Chiodo- Capo
Alphonse "Little Al" D'Arco- Capo /Acting Boss
Joseph D'Arco- Soldier
Joseph "Little Joe/Joe D" Defede- Soldier/Acting Boss
Eugenio "Gene" Giannini- Soldier (Killed)
Frank Gioia Sr- Soldier
Frank Gioia Jr- Soldier
Steven LaPella- Soldier
Frank Lagano- Soldier (Killed)
Dominick “The Gap” Petrilli- Capo/Soldier (Killed)
Thomas “Tommy” Ricciardi- Soldier
Vincent "Vinny Baldy" Salanardi- Soldier
Frank "Goo Goo" Suppa- Soldier


  1. Ya should have included the ones from Mob Wives, on Vh1, Lol! xD I mean that IS basically SNITCHING on WHO YOU ARE & What they do (Criminally of course-is what I am referring too!) ☻ What do you think? x)

  2. How is PJ Pisciotti still living in the area. He lives in Jersey and still goes to Mulberry Street. How do you testify against a boss and are still allowed to live out in the open.

    1. PJ says there are no more tough guys, and that everyone is scared of him. He has been abusing his ex wife in court, bleeding her financially until she was forced out of her home. He took the children from her and a judge awarded him custody.

  3. He is def out in the open, owns a chain of gyms and everything.

  4. new mafi in the italy named vongola faminglia

  5. What about Greg Scarpa Jr?
    What is the the name not revealed about?
    I am assuming that is a current C.I.?
    How do you even know that?
    And I am sure there are probably 5-6 in each family at this point?

  6. Thanks for being observant and commenting, I actually added Greg Jr but I guess the post didnt update. I think it is fixed now. Thank you for pointing that out!

    Name not revealed was on some old wiretaps/indictments the feds stated they had a cooperating member but that guy was never revealed. he could be alive or could be dead or could be in the witness protection program. Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Thank You, you know what would be interesting is fi you seperated the lists into B.S.B. (Before Sammy the Bull Ratted) and A.S.B.

    More than half of the rats artted after Sammy paved the way for them.

    You hvae O.C. from early 1900's in America until Sammy, you have less than a handful of rats in each family.

    Alot of people feel that R.I.C.O. played a major part in the new rats in which I believ it did however, you look at a time line R.I.C.O. was used in the early 80's.

    The ratting really started after Sammy.... Which was at least 10 years after they started using R.I.C.O.

  8. How about associates? Like Burt Kaplan.

  9. Don, Just got back from reading about Kevin McMahon after posting the Kaplan question. Agreed.

  10. Burt Kaplan probably wasn't mentioned because he is Jewish. That alone should have told that he was lying about being a Mob Boss and had connections to meet with Chin Gigante. Anthony Casso was betrayed by Kaplan and what is most disgusting about Kaplan is the fact that Anthony Casso purchased a home for his wife but as a favour, Kaplan let Casso use his (Kaplan's) name. While Casso sit in prison, Kaplan lied about his affiliation with the mob and was given freedom for his lies. That Wasn't Enough For Kaplan. He returned to the home of Casso, a home Casso paid for, and got a court order against Casso's own son and had his son removed from the home. Kaplan and Anthony Casso settled the dispute leaving Casso's son to pay Kaplan $600,000. Can you imagine? I would love to see Anthony Casso released from prison. He did everything the feds and prosecutors asked of him, and he even testified In Washington D.C. against the Russian mob and what did Casso get? Consecutive life sentences after the feds and prosecutors agreed Casso would only have to serve 6-7 years. Casso was truly screwed. Kaplan isn't just a rat, he is a leach! He now lives in peace with his family. I would love to see Kaplan lose all his belongings for what he did to Casso's son.

  11. By the way, I'll be writing up a petition on to petition freedom for Anthong Casso. You would be surprised how well it works and how many signatures that come of it. Look on soon for my petition and sign it, and share it with your friends on Facebook. Anthony Casso has proven to be a changed man and he did everything that was asked of him. He deserves to spend his days out of prison and living a peaceful life. My name is Rosalie Marie.

    1. Oops....By the way, I'll be writing up a petition on to petition freedom for ANTHONY Casso.

    2. he deserves to live a peaceful life? you eouldnt say that if you were a relative of one of his murder victims you rotten cunt

    3. So I got this clear, you're taking the word of Anthony Casso-the man who almost singlehandedly ruined the Lucchese crime family through his own paranoia-completely and totally? The man who decided to become a snitch because Vic Amuso kicked him out of the family after he figured out that Casso sold him out? The guy who had Nicholas Guido killed and simply said it was no big deal that his guys got the wrong guy? THAT guy that Burton Kaplan sat in jail for nearly a decade for without saying one word about him? Are you out of your mind?

  12. Joe Bonanno a snitch? Seriously? I think you meant Joe Massino

  13. Nope, there was an Acting Bonanno Captain of the same name (no relation) who was recently outed as a rat, check this out

  14. Hi Dapper Don,
    I guess this is a list of made members who testified against the Mafia. So this list does not include various informants who gave away information secretly to the FBI? That list would have been harder to do I guess.
    Freedy Santantonio never testified against anybody. I don´t know the details, but he was killed while still on the streets.
    I don´t think the FBI had any plans of bringing him in to court to testify. In any way, that never happened.
    Another one on your list who´s dubious is Louis Moscatiello. To my knowledge, Moscatiello was sentenced to a 7 year prison term and died in prison. He never ratted.

    By the way, your blog is excellent. Keep up with the good work!


    1. Oops..Sorry. Forgot to mention Biello. He also never testified against the Mafia.


  15. This is a comprehensive list of individuals who have been revealed through indictments, news reports, etc to have cooperated with the government and provided information. There are some individuals who died before they could testify. Moscatiello was identified as a coopertaing witness in a subsequent roundup but died while in jail.

  16. Yeah P.J. is a piece of crap and word on the street is he's going down soon. Well deserved.

  17. Can someone please help me out? I have a guy here in south lake Tahoe that claimed to be part of the mafia in New York. His name we though was Gino dimatteo. However he was arrested and we found our he is really Gino Ottomanelli a cooperating witness during the New York Times heist. This guy is running around freely! Is their anyway to get this info to the right people?

  18. I didnt see any mention of Big Ron Previte of the philly/south jersey mob. Who not only testified but wore a wire And when he was done turned down witpro.. he lives out in the open near ac. nj. I used to deliver food to his house guys at least 6/2 350 lbs and eats like a horse not a hard guy to miss...

  19. Rats is all around us today no loyalty

  20. p j is a punk ass. the only way he could fight was to side swip you. jap shot. he would of went down like a ton of bricks in that bar that night/ he knows it to

  21. Word on the street Gambinos about to announce new boss

  22. Joseph "Joe Camp" Campenella a Capo in the Colombo Crime family the whole family is in Mob and the daughter Marie bunch of rats.

  23. I think I saw big ron privette in northern mn near detroit lakes

  24. lets get the fckin story straight by somebody who was hear me I was there......mitch weissman wasn't a mobster he was a drug addict gopher jew who didn't have 10 cents in his pocket a scared little fcking punk who got smacked around daily.. and ray ruggieri DIDNT rat anybody in his family out. he gave up dirty cops something totally different that aint a rat.i was there fuckoffs

  25. How do you have a list like this without Cookie D'Urso who put away close to 40 guys, including Chin Gigante, by wearing a bugged Rolex?

    1. Cookie was never a made guy, this list consists of made guys

  26. Looking for information on any Irish catholic OC member presumed dead or in WP who participated in the all American sambo during the 90's

  27. Frank Gioia Jr should have won a award for being a tough guy what a bullshiter a real piece of garbage rot in hell.

    1. Frank Gioia Jr and Vinny (The Punk) Salanardi two of the biggest punks to walk the face of the earth you both better stay hiding like the RATS that you are.

  28. I agree what a windbag Frank Gioia Jr was he walked around like who he was. He was a mutt and the biggest RAT to come out of the mob.

  29. Frank Gioia Jr biggest DOG to walk the streets of Little Italy what a low life piece of trash. RAT of all RATS

  30. I'm so glad people are finally commenting on Frank Gioia Jr Mr KING RAT by far the biggest mutt in the history of the mob.

  31. I tell you I would love to meet up with Frank Gioia Jr and bust his hole.

  32. Frank Gioia Jr wouldn't take the rap for his own gun in the car then couldn't do 7 years in prison for drug sales what a mutt. What a piece of shit.


  34. Frank Gioia Jr never was called the spaghetti man. He never shot a bouncer when he was 18 and he didn't make a million dollars in drug money before he was 21. He is full of shit. He was a low level punk who was afraid of his own shadow.

  35. We are all big mouths because your a rat or your related to a rat.

  36. I agree don't mind that scum bag Frank Gioia Jr he never shot a bouncer the only thing that asshole shot was himself in the foot that low life piece of shit.

  37. I agree with everything that is said about Frank Gioia Jr.

  38. You will never see a picture of that punk Gioia he is probably hiding somewhere in Montana

  39. I hope people read this and find out what a piece of shit Frank Gioia Jr really is. Fat fuckin Rat.

  40. Frank Gioia Jr put half of Brooklyn away now most of those guys are home that scum bag Gioia must have left the country.

  41. Frank Gioia Jr the most hated guy to come out of Little Italy. I hope you die a slow death you piece of shit.

  42. I second that who ever said they love to break Frank Gioia Jr's fuckin hole.

  43. What about those Mob Wives I'm sorry they should have called the show RAT wives. Nothing but a bunch of wives and daughters related to RATS especially that FAT FUCK Karen Gravano.

  44. I love it when these guys like P.J. and Frank Gioia say that the their own people doublecrossed them that is the life you chose and when they are facing long prison sentences they RAT. You guys are nothing but cowards and pieces of shit.

  45. P.J says he's living in plain sight and no one has the balls to come get him and he's probably right see if he would have done the same thing 20 years ago that punk would have moved to Afghanistan with his family. Fuckin PUNK.