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Saturday, March 10, 2012

RCMP nabs man with reported ties to mafia drug ring

Bruno “Playboy” Duguay

The RCMP arrested a fifth man in Quebec with suspected ties to a mafia drug ring that allegedly imported hundreds of pounds of marijuana into the U.S. every month.
Bruno “Playboy” Duguay, 36, was arrested Tuesday in his home south of Montreal and charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs and conspiracy to possess property obtained by crime.
Duguay, along with four other people suspected of mob ties, all face the same charges as well as extradition to the U.S.
The ring is suspected of trafficking thousands of pounds of marijuana to the U.S. via roads in Native reserves between 2005-2010. Police claim the ring made millions. Duguay is considered by Crown attorneys to have played the role of drug courier.
QMI Agency obtained a video of one of the five accused, Nicola Varacalli, who had alleged ties to Montreal’s Rizzuto crime family.
The video will be presented as evidence in court and was allegedly recorded by one or more people who kidnapped Varacalli in 2005 and held him for several weeks.
Police considered his kidnapping as part of a feud between Quebec’s Rizzuto and D’Amico crime families.
The video is over an hour long. In it, Varacalli seemingly predicted the fall of the influential Rizzuto family.
He admonished Francesco Arcadi, who, in 2005, was a leading figure in the Rizzuto clan.
“There is no one that is untouchable,” Varacalli said in the video, allegedly referring to Arcadi. “Everyone is touchable ... Please don’t underestimate him. He could have shot all of us. He could have liquidated all of us.”
Varacalli said the Rizzuto family will be slaughtered if members don’t agree to negotiate with a man Varacalli calls “South Shore” who is thought to be part of the D’Amico clan from Granby, which is about 80 km southeast of Montreal.
“He has all the tools and all the manpower and whatever you want to confront anyone - a war,” Varacalli said in the video.
QMI Agency sources said that the feud between the two families was eventually settled for about $5 million.
However, several influential members of the Rizzuto family, starting in 2009, have been assassinated, one by one.



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