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Monday, April 18, 2011

Bonanno crime boss Massino chats with successor Vinny Gorgeous in jail gossip fest

Bad food and bad roomies. Four-letter words and five-towel floods. Magazines, mozzarella and the mob.
When Bonanno family boss Joseph "Big Joey" Massino chatted with successor Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano inside the Metropolitan Detention Center, no subject was off-limits.
Like two old washerwomen, the gabby goodfellas jumped from the mundane to the profane to the profound, jabbering like old friends inside a Queens social club.
The only things missing were the espresso and sambuca.
There was one small problem for Basciano: his old boss wore a wire during the January 2005 talks, which were played last week at his federal murder trial.
While some of the chatter was amusing or innocuous, prosecutors say Basciano admitted enough to send him to death row for murder.
Here are the lighter moments:
They groused about their accommodations.
MASSINO: Oh, you gotta see the flood I had in my cell yesterday.
BASCIANO: The toilet?
MASSINO: No, the f------ roof. Five towels, mopped the floor. I gotta walk around.
BASCIANO: That's my bunkie (cellmate). F------ jerk.
MASSINO: They're comin' to get us.
BASCIANO: Bo, I get stronger every f------ day.
They griped about their wives and girlfriends.
MASSINO: They come out with a magazine, FHM. It's about me. Paris. All the bull----. I'm at a wake, 1986, Frankie DeCicco. I'm walkin'....
BASCIANO: I saw it.
MASSINO: You see the girl alongside me?
BASCIANO: Oh no. I didn't see that. That's her, Bo?
BASCIANO: Your wife saw that?
MASSINO: I don't know who the f--- she is. My daughter tells me yesterday, my wife got a microscope. And she's lookin' and she's tellin' my daughter, 'She's too old and too fat. Daddy wouldn't go with her.'
BASCIANO: That's your wife sayin'? On everything else you need this.
MASSINO: I really set her off. Really, really, really.
BASCIANO: She ain't gonna divorce you, Bo. My wife ain't gonna divorce me either.
MASSINO: I don't know. I don't know.
BASCIANO: Maybe if she seen that, she want my girlfriend ...
MASSINO: If I had a baby? Fuhgeddabout that.
BASCIANO: I denied it.
MASSINO: But with Big Lou (James Tartaglione, captain in Bonanno family), you tell him your girlfriend's pregnant? You had the baby already, no? Or am I wrong?
BASCIANO: Yeah, I had the baby already.
MASSINO: So what are you talking about pregnant?
BASCIANO: I never told about my girlfriend being pregnant. She had the baby two years ago. I said (to then-wife), 'Angela, it's not true.' I said, 'It's a lie.'
They marveled at the ascension of octogenarian gangster John "Sonny" Franzese to Colombo underboss.
MASSINO: I mean, the funniest thing, Sonny's gotta be 87 years old and I like Sonny. It's just crazy.
BASCIANO: You gotta see him. He's gonna be in here.
MASSINO: How long more does he got to live?
BASCIANO: He's in some shape, Bo. He might live to be a hundred. He'll be the screwiest underboss.
They pondered whether legit guys can double as gangsters.
BASCIANO: The only problem is Jerry, like you said, he works from nine to five.
MASSINO. That's OK. That was Ronnie Mozzarella's thing. 'Oh, I gotta go sell mozzarella.' I said you gotta go at night or the weekends. You can't stop a guy from makin' a living. You gotta service your guys. I lost my cake business. I lost my deli because I was on the lam. He shut right up.
BASCIANO: How did Ronnie Mozzarella get there? What was he born and became a mozzarella guy? He got there because of us.
They discussed the importance of leadership.
MASSINO: When you become a boss, you become a c---s-----. You can't make everybody happy ... I got the toughest f----- job in the world. If I listen to everybody I won't have a f----- friend. I'm not stupid. I didn't fall off no f----- pumpkin truck. To me, life is precious.
They waxed philosophic.
MASSINO: We got enough enemies. We're fighting the law. We're fighting the rats. We fight ourselves. We can't confuse our people. We gotta confuse the enemy.
BASCIANO: I know you're a compassionate guy and I know you believe in giving everybody a second chance.
They compared laundry.
MASSINO: Yesterday I had too much to do. I had to wash my clothes.
BASCIANO: Bo, washing your clothes is a f----- trip, though, right?
MASSINO: I can't wear the briefs. I got four pairs of boxers.
BASCIANO: I don't know how you do it in that shower.
And they parted friends - temporarily.
MASSINO: I'll see ya. Have a good weekend.
BASCIANO: I love you, Bo.
MASSINO: I love you too. It felt good, the (fresh) air.
BASCIANO: You sleep alright?
MASSINO: Eh, I'm not a sleeper.
BASCIANO: Yesterday, I passed your room, you had a towel over your head.
MASSINO: Yeah, because the light bothers my eyes. I read the (trial) minutes and s---.
BASCIANO: Take care.
MASSINO: Be good.



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