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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot-shot pizzeria owner arraigned on attempted murder charge

Hot-shot pizzeria owner Mark Iacono was arraigned today on attempted murder charges and released without bail pending a grand jury indictment.
The street thug involved in the bloody knife battle with Iacono, mob-linked ex-con Benny Geritano, was in Brooklyn Criminal Court and charged earlier this week with attempted murder in the murky case.
Iacono, 44, who was sliced all over his body in last Friday's fracas on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens.
Iacono said nothing as he exited Brooklyn Supreme Court.
Neither Iacono, who owns the renowned Lucali pizza shop -- where Beyoncé and Jay-Z often dine -- nor Geritano has been cooperating with authorities.
Mark Iacono
Mark Iacono
Prosecutors have called Geritano, 39, a "violent predator" and insisted that Iacono "suffered far worse injuries."
Geritano -- who is on probation until 2013 for his role in a nationwide bank-robbery spree -- was held in lieu of $250,000 bail.


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