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Friday, April 22, 2011

It's pizza guy to go at court

The pizza tosser charged in a mob-linked Brooklyn knife fight was cut loose yesterday because his cases had yet to be presented to a grand jury.
Mark Iacono, who owns the renowned Lucali pizzeria in Carroll Gardens, managed to walk out of Brooklyn Criminal Court with the help of a walker.
Iacono, who until yesterday morning had been in Lutheran Medical Center recovering from his wounds, declined to comment as he shuffled from the building with family and friends.
His eatery remains closed, and a staff member said, "He's not around. He isn't going to be coming in today. He's doing fine."
Mark Iacono
Mark Iacono
The man with whom he is accused of dueling, alleged Genovese associate and convicted racketeer Benny Geritano, was also freed yesterday -- but remained in custody until a federal judge determines whether he violated probation.
Both men were charged with attempted murder after the fight, which was over a woman.
State law requires judges to free suspects on their own recognizance if prosecutors don't obtain an indictment within five days.
Both men were ordered to return to court in June.



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