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Monday, April 11, 2011

Massino to Testify!

"Big Joey" Massino.Joseph MassinoJoseph "Big Joe" MassinoJoseph MassinoBasciano Trial Expected To Start This Week:  Dust off the copies of "King
Of The Godfathers."  Federal prosecutors have made it official, what has been an open secret for months. Former Boss Joseph Massino will be testifying in the trial of his former lieutenant Vinny Basciano. The trial could begin as early as the Week of April 10 in B
rooklyn federal district court. As reported, Massino made tapes of Basciano while both men were in a federal lockup and according to the transcripts and prosecutors got Basciano to make admissions which tied  him into the murder of Randolph Pizzolo, for which Basciano faces the death penalty if convicted. As illuminated in King of The Godfathers, Massino turned cooperator immediately after his July 2004 conviction for racketeering. 



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