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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mob snitch Howard Santos admits to taping girlfriend and self in sexual act

Mob rat Howard Santos was caught on wire admitting he secretly recorded himself and girlfriend having sex but tape ran out as he showed it to buds.
Mob rat Howard Santos was caught on wire admitting he secretly recorded himself and girlfriend having sex but tape ran out as he showed it to buds
A mob snitch who wore a wire for the feds is looking worse than the targets he was taping after getting caught admitting he tried to show his Mafia pals a secret skin flick of his girlfriend.
The woman had no idea Howard Santos was shooting a homemade porno, he bragged to the Gambino goons while they chowed on White Castle burgers, according to court papers.
"Santos is a degenerate in every sense of the word," said defense lawyer Joseph DeBenedetto who represents reputed Gambino soldier Anthony Moscatiello.
"Santos is a pervert who has no regard...for the mother of his child," DeBenedetto argues in papers in Manhattan Federal Court seeking bail for his client.
The sleazy snitch was caught on the wire he was wearing for the feds as he regaled Moscatiello's co-defendant with his sexual and failed cinematic exploits.
Santos had set up a hidden camera in his Howard Beach apartment - but there was a problem.
"So like I'm inviting her over for one of my booty calls," Santos says, according to court papers. "So I turn it on like 15 minutes, ya know, 20 minutes before she got there."
He continued: "And I'm f------ around and...I'm waving at the camcorder and ya know I'm making a joke out of it."
After his then-girlfriend left, Santos invited his buddies over to watch the sex show. But he found out size does matter - the tape ran out before the sex began.
"We f------ sit down eating White Castle, throw the tape in the TV, getting ready to watch you know me, the big shot," he says.
"Uh, we're watching me pacing back and forth, you f----- see the tape cut off," according to the court papers.
The woman he tried to record, whom he later married and divorced, did not respond to messages from the Daily News.
DeBenedetto said the feds should be more particular about who they lay down with.
"I look forward to cross-examining him and making him squeal like that pig that he is," DeBenedetto told The News.
Last year, the feds were forced to offer sweet plea deals in another Gambino indictment after it surfaced that the mob rat in that case, Jude Buoneto, was a convicted child molester.
Santos, 44, began cooperating with the feds after he was arrested for burglarizing an electronics store in New Jersey.
Moscatiello's bail letter asserts Santos was involved in the murder of an elderly Queens man during a home invasion robbery and other violent incidents.
"I take Xanax...it keeps me calm because I'm high-strung....Otherwise I would be looking to kill everybody," Santos says in another taped conversation.
The Gambinos learned Santos had flipped when reputed capo Alphonse Trucchio spotted him sitting in a car with an FBI agent on Queens Blvd., the website Gangland News reported earlier.


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