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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rumors circulate that Whitey Bulger may be dead

In the last few days, a tantalizing rumor has swept through Boston law enforcement. The rumor was that longtime South Boston fugitive mob boss Whitey Bulger is dead, and that he died of heart failure in Costa Rica.
There are also rumors that his longtime fugitive girlfriend Catherine Griegg had Bulger's body cremated. It's an unconfirmed, incredible rumor, but can it possibly be true?
Fox 25’s Bob Ward caught up with Bob Long, a former Bulger investigator with Massachusetts State Police, to talk about it.


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  1. ya he is dead alright and toasted, but not in costa rica. and actually he was "put down" after surgery with the blessings of his cohort "serogate children" (of course by alias) from blood clots in his legs. he had been having trouble walking and was using a walker for his last few months as well as had kidney problems and of course his long term heart condition. he had been hiding in plain sight for a long time using several people pretending to be father and son or daughter to help with his money laundering since he could not get an id any longer without being recognized. So the easy way was to find someone down and out, such as poor people or other criminals who had obtained a new identity and would buy property and use the people as jr. and sr. to rent or turn the property. and of course rent was due on time or his whitey side came out. want more??? the fbi and boston news people didn't when they were informed prior to his death, insane, $2,000,000 dollars and when an attempt was made to collect it, nobody wanted their part.