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Monday, April 25, 2011

Staten Island's 'Mob Wives' F-bomb the 'Family Business,' get show canceled

Drita D'avanzo and Renee Graziano of VH-1's "Mob Wives" dropped some major F-bombs on the radio last night, but they're claiming ignorance after getting the show's host fired.

D'avanzo told Page 6 that “all day that day, I was doing interviews on satellite radio, so I thought I could say anything I want.”

Their foul-mouths apparently led management at Salem Communications' "Apple" WNYM-970 to cancel "Family Business with John Tabacco," the Sunday night show on which they guested.

It's unknown whether there are any complaints at the FCC, which has just gotten the Administration's support in asking the Supreme Court to overturn two lower court defeats on indecency. There have not been any indecency fines issued against radio broadcasters for years, because of legal uncertainty.



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