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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Poll Results: Who will be the next mobster to get indicted?

Vincent Badalamenti - Bonanno      32 (11%)
Steven Crea - Lucchese                   29 (10%)
Joseph Ligambi - Philadelphia      107 (37%)
John Gambino - Gambino               78 (27%)
Liborio Bellomo - Genovese           41 (14%)

Total Votes: 287

Our readers believe that current Philadelphia Boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi will be the next mafioso indicted by the government. Ligambi who has been the subject of a long running racketeering probe over the past seven years is still out on the streets of South Philadelphia running the crime family. Stay tuned to our blog to see if anything happens with Uncle Joe in the future.

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