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Saturday, April 7, 2012

List of casualties from all three Colombo family wars

Made members are listed with an M.

First Colombo war

Feb 27, 1961 - Joseph Magliocco (M), Frank Profaci (M), John Scimone (M) and Sally Musacchio (M) kidnapped by the Gallos.
They were all released two days later when Joseph Profaci agreed to start negotiations with the Gallos.

Early May 1961 - Joe Gallo (M) fired upon but he escapes unharmed.

Aug 20, 1961 - Larry Gallo (M) survives a murder attempt at the Sahara Lounge. The attempted strangulation leaves a nasty scar around his neck.

Aug 1961 - Joe "Jelly" Giorelli (M) disappears. His clothing, stuffed with dead fish, is thrown from an auto in front of a restaurant the Gallos frequent as a message.

Sep (?), 1961 - Carmine Persico (M) found a bomb under his car. The bomb never detonated.

Sep, 1961 - An attempt was made to kidnap the loanshark Ruby Stein who was associated with Nicholas "Jiggs" Forlano (M). The attempt failed when Stein screamed his lungs out for help.

Sep 21, 1961 - Aniello Dellacroce (a capo in the Gambino Family at the time) is dining in the Luna Restaurant in Manhattan and is severly beaten by the Gallo gang.

Oct 4, 1961 - Joey Magnasco (M) found shot to death outside Harry Fontana´s (M) social club in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

Oct 18, 1961 - An attempt to murder Joe Profaci at a New Jersey hunting lodge. The manager of the premises is able to convince the Gallos that "The old man is not present".

Oct, 1961 - Shots fired at Forlano (M) outside his home. The suspected shooter was "Cadillac" Louie Mariani.

Nov 11, 1961 - John Guariglia (M) and Paul Ricci (M) killed in Ricci´s lounge. The FBI strongly suspected Sal Mangiameli (M) and Michael Rizzitelli as the killers.
Tommy Ricciardi was wounded in the attack. Rizzitelli fled to California.

Dec 2, 1961 - An attempt was made to kill Larry Gallo (M) with a shotgun. The assassin was driving a sports car and was disguised as a woman.

Jan 5, 1962 - At the Copacabana nightclub, Sidney Slater (a businessman extorted by the Gallos) attacked by Jiggs Forlano (M), Carmine Persico (M) and Donny "Shacks" Montemarano with a hook of some kind. Slater almost lost an eye.
Later Slater became a federal witness against the mob but his attackers were freed.

Jan 29, 1962 - Mike and Philip Albergo are shot and wounded while attempting to repair an ice-picked flat tire. The Albergo brothers are business associates of the Gallos.

March 5, 1962 - Several shots miss Salvatore Joseph Profaci (M), (the boss´s son).

March 11, 1962 - Two soldiers in the Gambino Family are beaten in a nightclub by the Gallos. Their names are not known.

March 1962 - Joseph Profaci dies a natural death. Magliocco takes over the Profaci Family.

Oct 1962 - Anthony DiCola and Marco Morelli, two Gallo adherents disappear.

May 10, 1963 - Johnny "Bath Beach" Oddo (Captain under Magliocco) was shot at while sitting in his car. But the only casualty in this shooting was the engine of the car.

May 19. 1963 - While sitting in a car, Carmine Persico (M) and Funzi D´Ambrosio (M) was shot at. I think Funzi was wounded in his leg, but Carmine in his shoulder. After impact, the bullet traveled through his body and into his mouth. This later became the myth of "Carmine spit the bullet out". Hed didn´t catch the bullet with his teeth!

June 6, 1963 - Emile Colantuono, believed to be a local businessman who helped finance the Gallo gang found shot to death.

June 12, 1963 - Shots missed Frank "Punchy" Illiano. One of the attackers, Vincent DiTucci was killed. Jerry Basciano (M??) was arrested for the DiTucci murder but later released.

June 18, 1963 - Alfred Mondella was killed. His status with the Profacis/Gallos is unknown. Some sources claim Mondella sold guns to the Gallos.

June 1963 - Joseph Cardiello (M) killed by Nicholas Getch. Later the same day the Profacis killed "Cadillac" Louie Mariani.

July 24, 1963 - In Hoboken, NJ Gallo gang member Ali Hassan Waffa, "Ali Baba", was shot to death. Suspected killers were Joe "Yack" Iacovelli (M) and Sonny Pinto.

Sep 1963 - Joe Magliocco who had succeeded Joe Profaci as boss, stepped down and Joe Colombo was appointed the acting boss by the Commission. In 1964, Colombo became the official boss.

Second Colombo war

April (?), 1971 - Rocky Miraglia (M) and Joey Cantalupo tricked into an ally where they were severly beaten by members of the Gallo gang.

June, 1971 - Murder attempt on Joe Colombo Sr during a rally in favor for the IACRL. Colombo slips into a coma which lingers on for years. He finally succumbs in 1978.

Between 1971 and 1976 several Colombo wiseguys were killed. I´m not sure if all of these cases were actually part of the war.

1971 - Dominick Famulari (M)
1971 - "Big" Dom DeAngelis (M?)
1972 - Emanuele "Nello" Cammarata (M)
April, 1972 - Joey Gallo (M) murdered in "Umberto´s Clam House", a restaurant in New York´s Little Italy.
April, 1972 - Gennaro "Fat Jerry" Ciprio (M)
Aug, 1972 - Four innocent businessmen shot at while dining inside the Neapolitan Noodle Restaurant. Two of them died. The killer had confused them for Persico guys.
1973 - Gino "Books" DaSilva
1973 - Johnny "Tarzan" Lusterino (M?)
July, 1974 - Jerry Basciano (M?) and Sammy Zahralbam shot and wounded. Both of them survives the ambush.
1974 - Gaetano "Tommy" Barbusca (M)
1974 - Tony Ricciardi (M)
Aug, 1974 - Stevie Cirillo shot and killed while playing craps at a charity benefit in a Brooklyn synagogue.
Sep, 1974 - Frank "Punchy" Illiano shot and wounded.

In order to install peace, the Colombo bosses agreed to let Albert Gallo and Frank "Punchy" Illiano become part of the Genovese Family. Bobby Boriello was put under Gambino´s protection. Basciano and Cutrone broke out and found themselves under no one´s protection.

Definetivly part of the war:
1976 - Jerry Basciano (M?)
1976 - John "Mooney" Cutrone (M)

Third Colombo war

June 12, 1991 - Frank Marasa killed.

June 20, 1991 - Vic Orena Sr (the acting boss at the time) is stalked by a hit team outside his home. No shots were fired though.

Nov 18, 1991 - Murder attempt on Scarpa Sr (M)

Nov, 1991 - Murder attempt on Benny Aloi (M), but the shooters just missed.

Nov 24, 1991 - Hank "the bank" Smurra (M) killed.

Nov 28, 1991 - Murder attempt on Larry Sessa and Ron Calder.

Dec 5, 1991 - "Black" Sam Nastasa (M) killed. His girlfriend, Kay Duggan recieved a superficial chest wound.

Dec, 1991 - Joseph Tolino was shot at. Bullets killed Gaetano "Tommy" Amato (a Genovese member) who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dec 8, 1991 - Vincent Fusaro (M?) shot to death as hung a christmas garland on the door of his home.
Also on this date, James "Bobo" Malpeso shot in his chest but survives.

Dec 9, 1991 - Matteo Speranza, a 18 year old innocent bagel store worker, was killed when Orena hitmen walked into the store looking for Tony Ferrara and Frank Guerra. The killer was Chris Liberatore.

Dec 30, 1991 - Murder attempt on Greg Scarpa Sr (M) while sitting in his car with daughter and grandchild. Stepping on the gas, he runs over several pedestrians.

Jan 7, 1992 - Nicky Grancio (M) shot to death and Anthony Bianco wounded.

Feb, 1992 - During a shootout between Scarpa Sr (M) and Joel Cacace Sr (M), Cacace is shot in the stomach. But survives.

March 25, 1992 - John Minerva (M) and Michael Imbergamo shot to death. This was the second time Minerva was attacked. The first time, he managed to escape his attackers.

March 27, 1992 - Joe "Monte" Monteleone (M) and Tommy "Shots" Gioeli (M) shot at. Both Monte and Gioeli are hit and both of them survives the attack.

Apr, 1992 - Louis "BoBo" Malpeso Sr (M) shot at. (I think Louis was the father of James mentioned above.)

May 22, 1992 - Larry Lampase (M) shot to death.

June 4, 1992 - Thomas McLaughlin is shot at by Chris Liberatore and Gallagher (first name unkown to me). McLaughlin survives. An innocent bystander, Daniel Norden (a 16 year old kid) catches bullets and allthough serously wounded, Norden fully recovers.

Oct 7, 1992 - Steven Mancusi killed.

Dec 1992 - Richard Capuccano (M) shot at and wounded.

Dec 1992 - Bobby Tarrantola filed as a missing person.

Dec 28, 1992 - Unrelated to the war, Greg Scarpa Sr (M) was shot through his eye during a drugdeal that went sour. Scarpa survived after driving himself home and numbed himself with a bottle of whiskey. An ambulance took him to hospital.

May 17, 1993 - Jimmy "Ran" Randazzo (M) killed. The Cagno brothers (Rocco and Ray) with Salvatore "Torty" Lombardino were the killers. They were all under Orena but Lombardino suspected Randazzo being an informant.

Oct 20, 1993 - Joseph Scopo (M) killed in what was considered the final murder in this war. Dominick LoGazzo (M) and Angelo Marrone wounded in same attack.

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  1. Thank-you very much for your website, very interesting! In regards to your note about Jerry (Genaro) Basciano's attempted murder of Vincent DiTucci...On June 13, 1963, Jerry was taken into custody in Queens and charged with Homicide. The charge was dismissed by Grand Jury on June 26, 1963.

    A month later Jerry was arrested for Disorderly Conduct involving consorting, but this charge was also dismissed.

  2. Second Colombo War casualties Anthony Carreccia,Gall0 gang.November 1973 shot and killed in a Coney Island bar by ski masked gunman and Louis(the Syrian)Hubela shot and wounded on President Street.

  3. Great timeline. It may, or may not be significant, but in the late 1960's Sally D Ambrosino and Freddy "Red" Delucia disappeared and were believed to have been killed, while Tommy Ocera was beaten by at least 6 men. Tommy was as tough as they come, and survived after several months in the hospital. It was believed that Sally, Freddy and Tommy were trying to take over the family. After recovering, Joe Colombo had Tommy come to his home and promised him that no harm would come to him.

    1. Ferdinand DeLucia or Freddie "Red" Delucia also known as Freddie "no nose" because he was born with little to no cartilage in his nose and I can confirm he went missing in the late 60's being that I am his Grandson.

  4. What about Wild Bill Cutolo

    1. He was killed after the recognized end of the war