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Saturday, April 7, 2012

List of members from Persico and Orena factions from 1993 Colombo war

Persico faction

Carmine Persico
Little Allie Boy Persico
Michael Persico
Danny Persico
Teddy Persico Jr
Andy "Mush" Russo
Teddy Persico Sr
Greg Scarpa Sr
Richie Fusco
Joseph "T" Tomasello
Carmine Sessa
JoJo Russo
Anthony "Chuckie" Russo
Rosario "Black Sam" Nastasi
Dennis "Fat Dennis" DeLucia
John Pate
Lawrence Mazza
James Delmastro
Frank Pontillo
Joe "Monte" Monteleone
Tony Ferrara
Frank "BF" Guerra
Hank "the bank" Smurra
Steven Mancusi
Joe Ambrosino
Alan Quattrache
Ralph Scopo Sr
Thomas McLaughlin
John Minerva (switched to the Orena side)
Michael Sessa
Larry Sessa
Ron Calder
Ernie Lapanzina
Jimmy "the Jap"
Eric Curcio
Frank Sparaco
Donny "Shacks" Montemarano
Joseph Baudanza
Nicholas Rizzo (switched to Orena side)
John "Junior Lollipop" Carna (switched to Orena side)
Salvatore Miciotta (switched to Orena side)
Jerry "Lang" Langella
John "Jackie Zambooka" DeRoss
Joseph "Joey" Savarese
Salvatore Rizzo
Joe "Fish" Marra
Dino Calabro

Robert "Bobby" Tarrentola
Lorenzo "Larry" Lampasi

Orena faction

Vic Orena Sr
John Orena
"Little" Vic Orena Jr
Benny Aloi
Vinny Aloi
Sal Profaci
Anthony Bianco
Salvatore "Torty" Lombardino
Jimmy Randazzo
Ray Cagno
Rocco Cagno
Jerry "Green eyes" Clemenza
Jimmy "Brown" Clemenza
Richard "The Jeweler" Capichano
Angelo Marrone
Frankie Iannacci
Alphonse "Funzi" D'Ambrosio

"Wild" Bill Cutolo
Patsy Amato
Joey Amato
Gabriel Scianna
Thomas Petrizzo
Tommy Cappa
Sonny Franzese
Joe Colombo Jr
Tony Colombo
Joel Cacace (switched to the Persico side)
Chris Libertore
Anthony Libertore
Joseph Scopo
Dominick LoGazzo
Larry Lampase
Charlie "Moose" Panarella
Vincent Fusaro
Louis "BoBo" Malpeso
James Malpeso
Nicholas "Nicky Black" Grancio
Joseph Tollino
Joe Campanella
Frank Campanella
Tommy "Shots" Gioeli (switched to the Persico side)
John Staluppi (switched to the Persico side)
John Rosatti (switched to the Persico side)
Craig Marino
Angelo Leto
Frank "Chickie" Leto
Joseph "Chubby" Audino
Frank Cestaro (switched to the Persico side)
Louis Fenza (switched to the Persico side)
Frank Castagnaro (switched to the Persico side)
Michael "Mikey Spat" Spataro
Vincent "Chickie" DeMartino
Dino Calabro (switched to the Persico side)
Joseph "Joey Caves" Competiello (switched to the Persico side)
Armando "Chips" DeCostanza
Ralph Lombardo
Dennis Guzzardo
Frannke "the Bug" Sciortino
Joe "Legs" Legrano (switched to Persico side)
Robert D´Onofrio (switched to Persico side)
John Baudanza
Robert Gallagher
Michael Imbergamo
Chris Barrett
Dominick "Black Dom" Dionisio
Enrico Locascio
Frank Marasa

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  1. Jimmy skee scianna Anthony skee scianna Paul scianna Anthony turro Terlizzi all with orena little vick

  2. Scott Ajax DeVivo

  3. Richard Brady, Colombo, crime family aligned with Persico family under, carmine Sessa. One of the few standup guys that went to trial and was convicted by former friends, so much for the street life. The best part is, you can go from the mob life to the life of God and be born again and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and know for sure, without a doubt that you will enter the kingdom of heaven. All was provided by court documents and proceedings from a trial that ended “guilty” on December 22, 1992. After 13 years, Richard Brady has been working for 25 years in New York City and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    1. Richie Brady worked for a moving company back in the 80’s?

    2. Sure did local 814

  4. Brady was caught on a wire tap in the car of Joey Ambrosino, his trusted friend who became an informant. Brady was driving around with Joey that day and noticed that he kept shutting the radio off. We had a chatterbox in the car which was to snuff out our voices along with the radio. Brady took notes several times and he shut the radio off again. Richard Brady asked Ambrosino to pull over for a minute and took off like a bat out of hell. Immediately after the FBI closed in and locked up those who were left in the car. Brady and Pontillo another informant Got away. Both went to a Safe house in New Jersey. They stood on the lam and eventually surrendered Because of the heavy presence of FBI agents following Brady’s wife and children. Those in the car were overheard planning of the murder of underboss, William Cutolo, also known as Billy fingers. There were as many as two dozen individuals that would be involved in the mob hit. Also the handler from the FBI Lindy Devecchio Was spotted watching the hit go down, because Greg Scarpa, also known as the Grim Reaper was working as an informant with the DeVecchio and without a doubt, provided the addresses and secret hideaways of the opposing faction.

  5. Always found it interesting that Funzi D'Ambrosio chose the Orena side. I've no doubt it was the Persico crew who disappeared Funzi's brother in 1969(Sally D was in Persico's crew). Possibly nothing to do with why Funzi took the Orena side but my gut tells me otherwise.