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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colombo mobster’s beautiful wife pleads guilty to stealing $40,000 from union

THE BEAUTIFUL wife of a Colombo gangster pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling thousands of dollars in union benefit funds from their Staten Island trucking business.
Alicia DiMichele admitted that she conspired with hubby Edward Garafolo, Jr., to steal about $40,000 owed to Local 282 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
"My role was I worked as a bookkeeper," DiMichele, 38, told Magistrate Roanne Mann in a soft voice.
DiMichele added that her job duties included submitting to the union false invoices from the couple's D.M. Trucking that under-reported the number of hours worked by union members.
The raven-haired stunner said she "agreed with my husband" to participate in the scheme.
Federal prosecutors had amassed wiretap evidence against DiMichele discussing her efforts to conceal the actual number of hours worked from the union, according to court papers.
Mob rats were also prepared to testify that she was "substantially involved" in running the trucking business, court papers say.
Alicia DiMichele, the wife of Colombo gangster  Edward Garafolo, leaves Brooklyn Federal Court after pleading guilty to stealing money from a truckers union.
DiMichele, tall and statuesque in a cream-colored pants suit, appeared nervous during the legal proceeding. She told the judge that she has suffered from anxiety since she was 7 and had been hospitalized several times for panic attacks.
Had the couple gone to trial, her chivalrous husband was prepared to testify that DiMichele was not involved in the embezzling.
But last week Garafolo copped to more serious charges — murder conspiracy. Garafolo has been held without bail since his arrest in 2010 because he was deemed a danger to the community.
He told the owner of a construction company behind in extortion payments to Garafolo's trucking company: "You're spending Christiman in my garage in a f------ trunk," prosecutors alleged.
The couple have three young children and Assistant U.S. Attorney Allon Lifshitz said the government will not oppose a sentence of confining DiMichele to her New Jersey home in lieu of prison.
She faces zero to six months in prison when she's sentenced by Federal Judge Sandra Townes.
DiMichele has been trying to get by running a small clothing boutique, but was forced to accept court-appointed counsel after she could no longer pay her original lawyer. The trucking business is defunct.


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